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Stock Theft Rampant in Kalkfeld Area

Kalkfeld illegal  butchers in the news again.....!!!!!!!!!!

The biggest risk to livestock farming in the Erongo region and surrounding areas is Stock theft. Farmers find it difficult to cope with the onslaught (ed).

A total of almost 100 cattle was slaughtered on eight  farms in the Kalkfeld area during last couple of months by a highly organised syndicate of illegal butchers. The slaughter included 9 adult Simmentaler bulls and seven juvenile bulls from the well known Simmentaler Breeder, Mr. Dirk Kaiser from farm, Waltershagen. The bulls were chased into snares, their Achilles tendons cut so that they cannot move and then killed by stabbing with "assegai" spears after which, they were skinned and the meat stripped. These bulls were valued at over N$ 233 000.

According to Mr. Peter Schonecke, head of the Kalkfeld Farmers Association's, Crime Prevention Committee, the situation is totally out of control and  farmers cannot farm profitably under such conditions. The Kalkfeld Farmers Association has decided to take drastic action in terms of a reward of N$2000 per head of cattle for information that will lead to the apprehension of these illegal cattle butchers.

The total loss of cattle in the area include 22 cattle from farm Avondschaduw of Mr. Udo Wilckens worth N$135 000. 15 Pregnant heifers was slaughtered on farm Etaneno of Mr. Erwin Gebert worth about N$105 000. Mrs Sylvia Friedensdorf from farm Okaue has lost 11 weaners worth about N$40 000. According to Mr. Callie Steenkamp from farm Erundu and Patagonia they have lost 33 cattle since August last year. One of the cattle slaughtered was a top Bonsmara bull.Their total loss is about N$ 244 000.

A sharp increase in stock theft is again anticipated over the festive season (ed)

Meatco Stakeholder Information Meetings: December 2012

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) held "stakeholders" information meetings during November 2011, on the Restructuring of the ownership of the Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco). Inputs solicited from the stakeholders contributed to the successful designing of Meatc's new structure. Now the MAWF will be conducting follow up Stakeholders Consultative Meetings on the Draft Bill and Draft By-Laws for the Meat Company of Namibia and its Sui Generis Cooperative respectively.

The purpose of these meetings is to:
  1. Update stakeholders on the new structure of Meatco
  2. Present and interpret pertinent provisions of the draft bill and Draft By-laws for the respective Meat   Company of Namibia and Sui Generis Cooperative
  3. Solicit inputs from Stakeholders on the provisions of the Draft Bill and By-laws for the respective Meat Company of Namibia and Sui Generis Cooperative
  4. Contribute to the finalization of the new Act and By Laws
The venues and dates for the meetings are as follows:

03 December 2012 (Omaheke, Gobasis)
Time: 08:30
Venue: Goba Lodge & rest Camp
05 December 2012: (Hardap, Mariental)
Time: 08:30
Arandi Guesthouse
06 December 2012 (Khomas, Windhoek)
Time: 08:30
Venue: Nampower Convention Centre
08 December 2012 (Caprivi, Catima Mululo)
Time: 08:30
Venue: Catima Town Hotel
11 December 2012 (Kavango, Rundu)
Time: 08:30
Venue: Ngandu Hotel and Casino cc
13 December 2012 (Oshana, Ongwediva)
Time: 08:30
Venue: Trade fair Conference Hall
15 December 2012 (Otjozondjupa, Otjiwarongo)
Time: 08:30
Venue: Out of Africa Town Lodge

Make bookings through  registration in advance at:
Ms. Sharon Goagoses or Ms. A. Mutilitha

Tel: 061 2087704 and 2087476
Fax: 061 2087767 or 2087779
Mobile: 0818057004 or 0813779001
Office no: 412 and 204
Government office Park 
Luther Street 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Agra Project Review Workshop: 29 November 2012

AGRA Professional Service is implementing two projects funded by the Millennium Challenge Account Namibia (MCA-N) Livestock Marketing Efficiency Fund (LMEF). These are the Baseline Survey of Animal Nutrition and a Sero-Epidemiological and Parasite Survey in Livestock. Project implementation started in April 2011 in the northern communal areas. It is time now to review the status of these projects, share results and information.

You are cordially invited to a Project Review Workshop scheduled for Thursday, 29 November 2012, at the Agra/Bank Windhoek “Ring” conference facility at the Windhoek Showgrounds, starting at 8:00 for 8:30. The purpose of the workshop is to inform role players about progress, challenges and the road ahead and to obtain comments, suggestions and feedback on the status of these projects. A light lunch will be served.

 For more info contact: 

Albe Snyman
Officer: Communications
Private Bag 12011

Namibia Agriculture Union Weekly News: 23 November 2012

Namibia Agriculture Union:

Disclaimer: Although everything has been done to ensure the accuracy of information, the NAU takes no responsibility for actions or losses that might occur due to the usage of this information.


In today’s newsletter:
·         Tribute to Tangeni Erkana
·         Launch of the Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for Namibia
·         FA and other news

Tribute to Tangeni Erkana
A previous regional representative and member of the Executive Council of the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU), Mr Tangeni Erkana of the Farm Ovingi in the Gobabis district and member of the Epukiro Farmers Association this week died of cancer at the age of 63 years.
Tangeni became a member of the NAU in 2003 and from 2008 to 2011 he was the representative of the Gobabis Regional Agricultural Union on the Livestock Producers Organisation (LPO)  management and Executive Council of the NAU.
Tangeni’s contributions on the Executive Council were valuable as Tangeni had the insight to look at a bigger picture. His contributions were objective, open-minded and straight. He critisized where necessary but also guided in sometimes delicate matters. As a so-called emerging farmer he had the interests of the NAU and commercial farming at heart and even his contributions at the 2012 NAU Congress gave evidence of his vision. During this Congress he queried why only a certain sector of the commercial farmers have to contribute with regard to land refrom whilst the other sections are exempted from these obligation against the background that it actually should be a national action.
On behalf of the president and the Executive Council we would like to express our deepest condolences to his wife Zandile, the two daughters and all family members. The NAU will definitely miss him in its structures.
A memorial service will be held on Friday, November 23 2012 at 19:00 from the Lutheran Church in Khomasdal. The Lutheran Church is situated in MU Greeff Str, directly on the western side of the Western Bypass and can be reached from Windhoek through Florence Nightingale Str past the State Hospital.
Launch of the Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for Namibia
The Manager: Research and Development, Wallie Roux, attended the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry’s launch of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Plan on Thursday, 22 November 2012.
The overall long-term goal of the IWRM is to “achieve a sustainable water resource management regime contributing to social equity, economic efficiency and environmental sustainability”.  The IWRM Plan was approved by Cabinet on 19 June 2012 and will initially cover the next five years till 2018.
The development of the IWRM should be appreciated against the background of Namibia’s erratic rainfall patterns and the estimation that water demand would double by 2030.  Furthermore, underground resources contribute around 60% of total demand, with the agricultural sector as the largest consumer of water in the country.  These are some of the realities emphasizing the need for a sustainable utilisation of this important natural resource.
The IWRM Plan will be implemented as from the beginning of 2013 involving all stakeholders through an inclusive participatory process, including farmers’ organisations.  Regional stakeholder consultation workshops will be held in all 13 regions of the country from January to March 2013.  Details of these workshops will be made available as soon as the programme is finalised.
FA and other news
Dr Lichtenberg again offers a K.I. course at the Sandveld Research Farm on 27, 28 and 29 November. For further information please contact Gobabis Veearts Praktyk, Tel 062 563877, 062 563991,
Bethanie FA is holding a meeting and year end (bring and braai) on November 30 at 16:00 at the Bethanie Guesthouse. For further details contact Ina de Klerk, Tel 063 683521,

Osire/Waterberg FA is holding its year end function on December 1 at 17:00 at the FA hall. A shooting and jukskei competition will be held and the day is concluded with a dance. Members do not need to pay an entrance fee and non-members will have to pay N$50 to cover the meals. For further details contact Dagmar Wilckens, Tel 067 306201,

The Scientific Society will hold a presentation about „Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) in the home use environment”. Mr W Schenk will talk about his own experiences in electricity self-sufficiency through SPV and Mr H Schütt will talk about ptions of net feeding with SPV. This presentation will be held on December 5 at 19:30 at the Scientific Society, 110 Robert Mugabe Ave, Windhoek. For further details contact Mrs Fritzsche, Tel 061 225372,
Steinhausen FA is holding its Annual General Meeting and year end function on December 8 at 16:00 at the FA hall at Farm Steinhausen. Further details from Mayke Rumpf, Tel 062 561422,
Witvlei FA is holding their General Meeting and year end function on December 8 at 17:00 in the farmer house at Wtivlei. For further details contact Monica Bouwer, Tel 062 570317, 081 2790301,
Hoërand FA is holding an Old Years dance on December 29 at 19:00 at the FA hall at Farm Stubbenkamer, Maltahöhe district. Registration is N$100 per person for adults, N$50 for children under 12 years and entrance for pre-school children is free of charge. Dinner and dance is included in the registration fee and further details can be obtained from Antoinette Burger, Tel 081 2842744, or MarykaTruter, Tel 081 2624146,
Hochfeld FA is holding its New Year party on December 31 at 19:00 at the Hochfeld Lodge. The costs are N$100 for adults, N$50 for children from 12 – 18 years and free of charge for children under the age of 12 years. Dinner and dance are included in the registration. For further details contact Marina von Dewitz, Tel 062 549026, 081 2304100, or Deoné Schlechter, Tel 062 549108, 081 3084931,

Meatco News

  1. NEW DELIVERY AGREEMENT TO INCLUDE PREMIUM IN 2013 (E-newsletter 12 October 2012) – Repeating
  2. PROXI 
  3. WEEKLY PRICES - WEEK 47-2012  

Meatco will implement an updated Delivery Agreement carrying a Delivery Agreement Premium of N$1.50 /kg from 1 January 2013. The new Delivery Agreement aims is to reward producers who are committed and loyal to Meatco and to incentivize planned delivery to Meatco’s abattoirs, which in turn will help the Corporation to plan its operations.

The major changes in the new Delivery Agreement are the introduction of the Delivery Agreement Premium and a change in the length of slaughter periods.

The Delivery Agreement Premium will be fixed annually and is payable to producers who slaughter a minimum of 90% and a maximum of 110% plus 36 of the cattle committed to in the agreement. The premium will be payable above the announced Meatco Producer Price and is fixed at N$1.50 for 2013. Although the Meatco Producer Price is payable on the day of slaughter, the Delivery Agreement Premium will be paid out in the month following the applicable slaughter period.

The lengths of the slaughter periods have also changed. The first slaughter period will run for three months only, from January to March. The second slaughter period will run for five months from April to August. This will allow producers to better assess their marketing position relative to the conditions of brought about by the rainy season. The final period will run for four months from September to December.

Additionally, the merit point will no longer be calculated for every slaughter period, but once annually for the entire year.

The first signing period for new Delivery Agreement starts on 1 November 2012. This is for the slaughter period from January to April. Producers are therefore urged to contact their nearest Procurement Office to sign their Delivery Agreements for the first period of 2013.
Delivery Agreement 2013 are now available at our offices.  For the 1st Period 2013 (January to March)  we can sign till end of November 2012, only ONE WEEK left for signing.

  1. PROXI
If you wish to sign contract for the 1st Period 2013, but cannot reach our Offices in time, please complete the form and send it back, by e-mail or fax.  Make sure to add the name of the Meatco Official to complete and sign the contract on your behalf.
In case of experiencing problems, please call us for assistance.

Herewith the Weekly Prices for WEEK 4726/11/2012 – 2/12/2012.
Above also please find two tables on the Weekly Prices, first a summary on the prices over a period of time during 2011 and 2012.  This is the weekly prices announced on the 215kg carcass, including Fat grade 0, 5 and 6, with a Confirmation of ≥ 3, it also serves for weight class 200kg up to 219.9kg.  The price increase every 5kg with 5c as from 215kg up to 260kg, as calculated in my second table, with a maximum of 45c.

Click on image for better view

Louise Vermeulen
Chief Clerk: Livestock Procurement
Meat Corporation of Namibia,  MEATCO32 Bahnhof Street, Otjiwarongo, Namibia
P.O. Box 765, Otjiwarongo, Namibia
Fax2e-mail :  0886518605

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Agri Publications: November 2012

1. The Namibia Agriculture Union's monthly magazine the "AgriForum" is available at stores nationwide. 

2. The Republikein newspapers monthly magazine is available for download (PDF) at:

Meat Board News: 22 November 2012

Appointment of Head of Veterinary Services, Namibia

Dr John Shoopala was appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry as Acting Head of Veterinary Services. Dr Shoopala is currently the Head Veterinarian: Animal Disease Control. The Meat Board wishes Dr Shoopala all of the best with the management of this important position in the meat industry.
Friday, 16 November 2012 09:45

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is increasingly becoming an important requirement to take note of and address within the Namibian meat industry. It is one of the requirements forthcoming from discussions that the Meat Board had during the past week with a big supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, Walmart, and their affiliates. Walmart visited Namibia to investigate possibilities for further provision of beef and mutton from Namibia. Namibia is currently reviewing its policy regarding animal welfare and formulating legislation in that regard. Meanwhile producers are requested to comply with FANMeat's standards regarding animal welfare and to report all cases of animal abuse at the nearest police station.
Friday, 16 November 2012 08:42

Meat Board audits cattle, sheep and goat exports

The Meat Board requested an independent forensic investigation company to audit the Meat Board's computer and administrative systems regarding the issuing of Meat Board permits with respect to cattle, sheep and goat exports. The audit found that all exports are done according to the Meat Industry Act and decisions of the Meat Board, and the Meat Board received platinum status in this regard.
Monday, 12 November 2012 13:40

Meat Board supports Producers in Drough-Stricken Areas in Kunene North

The Meat Board has, since 16 August 2012, supported producers in declared drought-stricken areas with a marketing incentive of N$60.00 per animal to abattoirs. A maximum amount of N$210 000.00 was made available for this purpose.
Monday, 12 November 2012 13:40

Meat Board does Audits on behalf of Woolworths

During the past two months the Meat Board has done Woolworths audits both north and south of the Veterinary Cordon Fence. Apart from record-keeping, the handling of problem animals and employee training, the audits went well. Producers with big deflections were given the opportunity to rectify the deflections within six weeks. Producers who were audited north of the Cordon Fence also complied with the Woolworths requirements and were certified as such.

Useful Download: 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reminder: Inter-active seminar (workshop) on Animal nutrition and digestion: 21-22 Nov. 2012

Invitation to an
Inter-active seminar (workshop) on
Animal nutrition and digestion

The purpose and objective of this workshop is to enhance participants' knowledge of
  • Bio-chemical processes in an animal's digestion (EXPLAINED IN A WAY THAT FARMERS CAN UNDERSTAND IT),
  • Where acidic or alkaline conditions (the PH) in an animal's body come from,
  • How the PH influences the body functions, livestock productivity and profitability,
  • How planned grazing and herd management can be improved to help animals make better use of the grass that grows on your farm for free,
  • The cost-benefit and practical aspects of various supplementation strategies (lick and feed) for your specific production goals and circumstances.
Presented by: 
Mark Bader, originator of Free Choice Mineral supplementation (USA) and
Ian Mitchell-Innes, highly successful livestock farmer and international speaker (South Africa) who has been visiting and consulting for both commercial and communal farmers in Namibia several times.

Date: 21 Nov (starting 14:00 to 17:00) and 22 Nov 2012 (8:00 to 17:00)
Venue:Polytechnic Hotel School
 (corner of Beethoven and Brahms Str, Windhoek West)
Participation fee: 
N$ 750 per person,
including refreshments, one lunch and proceedings. 
Who should attend? 
Commercial and communal farmers, scientists, advisers, mentors and suppliers to the agricultural industry will benefit from easy to follow explanations of bio-chemical processes in soils, plants and animals. Practical management suggestions are based on the speaker's awareness of our local production conditions.
Registration by 16 November 2012 latest.
There is no registration form. Just contact Wiebke Volkmann at
or Tel or sms to 081 -127 0081 with all names of participants.
To confirm your participation please deposit the fee (N$ 750/person) into the following account: 
Account name: Namibia Centre for Holistic Management
Bank: Standard Bank of Namibia
Branch: Gustav Voigts Centre, code: 082772
Acc nr: 043132316
Please state your name (and not just a telephone number) as the beneficiary reference when making a bank transfer and e-mail the deposit slip to
Provisional Program
21 November 2012 14:00 to 17:00
Illustrated lectures and subsequent discussion on:
  • The bio-chemical processes of digestion and nutrient uptake in livestock
  • Explaining the primary and secondary compounds in different kinds of forage and supplementary compounds and how these influence the PH of the rumen, the digestive tract and blood of the body.
  • Understanding how the PH influences the nutrient uptake and general health and productivity of the animal
22 November 2012 8:00 to 17:00
Illustrated lectures and subsequent discussions on:
  • The influence of grazing management on the quality and quantity of natural forage.
  • The influence of farm management on the grazing patterns of animals and on the digestibility of forage.
  • Identifying animal condition and production problems.
  • Recognizing shortcomings AND opportunities in natural forage composition and how to optimize quality and quantity of forage.
  • Understanding the principles of supplementary feeding of minerals and other elements to enhance natural forage digestibility and uptake of nutrients
  • Understanding the different needs for optimizing animal digestion and forage conversion in different production conditions and goals (feed-lotting, free-range foraging, dairy, beef and breeding).
  • Discussing practical/technical options and costs for feeding minerals and other nutritional compounds.
  • Calculating the risks and the costs and benefits of strategic supplementary feeding.
  • Related questions and answers.

The workshop is brought to you by
Namibia Centre for Holistic Management
Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC)
Polytechnic of Namibia Agricultural Economics Department

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Namibia Agriculture Union Weekly News: 16 November 2012

Namibia Agriculture Union:

In today’s newsletter 
·         Business umbrella organisation planned
·         Wage survey report 2012
·         Regional Seminar on the EU-SADC Economic Partnership Agreement
·         FA and other news

Business umbrella organisation planned
An umbrella organisation which provisionally is known as “Business Namibia” is in a planning phase under the leadership of Adv Rukoro of the Namibia Employers Federation (NEF). A first meeting was held on Wednesday, November 14 in Windhoek where the aims were formulated as follows –
·         a united single voice of the private sector to address Government and Local Authorities on cross-cutting issues
·         with a view to assisting and advising Government on improving the economy and addressing issues of national interest such as unemployment, skills development and increasing trade

Business Namibia will be A-political organisation and if staff is employed, it will be done strictly on merits. The activities will be totally transparent and it will act without fear.

The Governing body will consist of “The Council of Namibian Business” where each organisation retains its own individuality. Some factors which are seriously considered are inter alia funding, Head Office structure, the Constitution and the definition of members.

The NAU will in due course get the mandate from the Executive Council via e-mail correspondence to continue as participating party in the establishment of this umbrella organisation.

Wage survey report 2012
The final report of the bi-annual wage survey of the Agricultural Employers Association (AEA) for the 2011/2012 financial year has been concluded and introduced to the media yesterday. The aim is to reflect reliable statistical information with regard to labour in the commercial agricultural sector for decision takers such as the AEA management, individual agricultural employers and other role players such as the Ministry of Labour, the NEF and the NNFU.
Various aspects of the remuneration structure and labour management of farm workers were investigated and analysed on national and regional level. The analysation of data will still be further fractioned up to Farmers Association level and will be made available to the various Farmers Association early next year. 
The average monthly monetary remuneration of farm workers (cash and rations) increased with 12% up to N$1 454,00 since the 2010 survey. The cash salary is on average N$964,00 and the value of the rations N$490,00. This is 69% higher than the minimum wage for farm workers which is currently N$860,00. The average total remuneration packet per farm wokers whereby the value of the fringe benefits is included is N$2 798,00 per month. This represents an increase of 11% against the 2010 survey. The fringe benefits include housing, free transport of school children to schools, free transport for farm workers and their dependants to clinics and hospitals as well as free keeping of cattle and other animals such as horses and donkeys.
92% of the participants confirmed that they also pay annual bonusses to their workers. The average value thereof is N$1 138,00 per worker. 98% of the participants indicated that their workers get salary increases.
Generally the labour sector in the commercial agricultural area is healthy and we would like to thank agricultural employers. There are more interesting and informative statistics in this report. Click here for more information: Wage Survey 2012

Regional Seminar on the EU-SADC Economic Partnership Agreement
The Manager: Research and Development, Wallie Roux, attended a Regional Seminar on the European Union (EU) – Southern African Development Community (SADC) Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).  The Seminar, referred to as a “Regional EPA Stocktaking”, took place in Gaborone, Botswana, on 14 and 15 November 2012. 
The Seminar was the last in a series sponsored by the European Commission (EC) with the aim to report on the state of play of the EPA negotiations and to explain the way forward towards the finalisation of the agreement. That is why the EC specifically invited representatives from the private sector in the SADC-EPA member countries to attend these seminars.
The programme for this last Seminar covered a wide range of topics, including inter alia an update on the negotiations, market access under the EPA, intra regional trade, tools and space to grow businesses, regional integration, trade in agriculture (including standards) and tools to assist exporters.  The Seminar was closed with a look at the way forward and what is still needed to conclude the agreement.
Important aspects for agriculture included:
-    The EC is confident that the agreement could be concluded during 2013.
-    The EC is prepared to increase market access for South Africa despite the country being treated differently in this regard from the rest of the SADC-EPA member states.
-    One of the aims of the EPA is to promote agricultural value-adding.
-    The EPA contains four broad categories of measures to protect the regional markets, namely infant industry protection, safeguard measures (multilateral and bilateral), export duties and measures to ensure food security.
-    Exports to the EU are not only subjected to commodity standards (like food safety and hygiene), but could also be subjected to private standards (ethical and environmental concerns).  The latter is a way of producers to communicate directly with consumers regarding the way their products were produced, while also assisting producers to move up the value-chain.
-    One of the topics still to be finalised is the rules of origin (including cumulation).  These are rules to determine whether a product(s) qualifies as originating from a specific country and as such, whether it qualifies for preferences under the EPA when exported to the EU.  Cumulation is where certain inputs are imported from another country to manufacture or produce a local product. Currently there are certain product groups where the other SADC-EPA member states may not cumulate with South Africa.
-    The SADC-EPA member states remain committed to sign the agreement once the outstanding issues are resolved to the mutual benefit of the parties.
The NAU would like to thank the EC for the opportunity to attend these seminars.
Clinics in Omaheke and areas at the Botswana border
The Ministry of Health and Social Services announced that they will hold clinics for especially children in Omaheke and areas at the Botswana border. Cross-border activities will also take place and in this regard an agreement was reached with Botswana. These clinics will be held from November 26 – 30 at inter alia Omitara, Witvlei, Botswana border post and adjacent areas, Drimiopsis and adjacent farms, including the informal settlement areas in Gobabis. The Ministry has appealed to farmers in these area to open their gates during these days. Enquiries and complaints can be addressed to the following persons from the Ministry of Health: Mrs Kaune, Tel 081 2590668 or Mrs E Smith, Tel 081 2260600. 
Power interruptions
NamPower has announced the following power interruptions: On December 2 from 07:00 – 19:00: the whole of Grootfontein town network (MTC towers, post office, hospitals, schools, Police station, shopping centres, filling stations, hotels and all residential areas); all clients of the Uitkoms network (MTC Uitkoms tower and all farms); all clients of the Maria Bron network (St Andrews, Maria Bron Roman Catholic School and all farms); the whole of Tsumeb town network (MTC towers, post office, hospital, schools, Police station, shopping centres, filling stations, hotels and all residential areas); all clients of the Mannheim network (Tsintsabis, Ludwigshaven plots, Tamboti Lodge, Tsumeb Crusher, Otjikoto Med-Wave and all farms).
We say thank you
The Versfeld family and Schieschmidt family would like to thank all Farmers Association members, neighbours, friends and farm workers (from far and near) for their help and time with the veld fires on Farms Devonby and Poorty on Saturday, November 10, 2012.
With the past two months veld fires cooperation and unselfish help is of utmost importance. Your help and assistance is really appreciated. W Versfeld and W Schierschmidt families: Gobabis.
FA and other news
Karibib FA is holding a meeting on November 17 at 17:00 at Kaltenhausen. For further details contact Mrs Gladis, Tel 061 248480,
Sonop FA is holding a member meeting and „fun day“ on November 17 at 14:00 at Farm Frauenhofen. Clay pigeon schooting and Jukskei is inter alia offered and the day is concluded with a braai. For further details contact Lizelle Barnard, Tel 062 568106, 081 2342925,

The Namibia centre for Holistic Management in cooperation with the Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC) offers a course under the theme: „A different perspective on understanding animal nutrition for optimal livestock production”. The course is offered on November 21 & 22 at the Polytechnic Hotel School, c/o Beethoven & Brahms Str, Windhoek West. The course starts at 14:00 on November 21 and ends at 17:00 on November 22. The costs are N$750 per person whereby a lunch, refreshments and the course material is included. Please register before November 16 with Wiebke Volkmann, Tel 081 1270081,
Maltahöhe FA is holding a meeting and year end function on November 21 at 10:00 at Farm Burgsdorf of the Rossouw family. Guest speakers are Mr Maans Dreyer and Messrs Böhme and Claassens from Meatco. During the meeting a new management will be elected. For further details contact Crhistian Otto, Tel 063 293512,

The SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association is holding an inaugural meeting of a Namibian Branch of the SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association. This meeting will be held in Windhoek on November 26 at 19:00 at „the Bistro“, 1 Parsival Str, Windhoek (opposite Ferreiras Garden Centre) and in Gobabis on November 28 at 19:00 at the Golf Club and further meetings country wide are planned. All hunters, hunting farm owners, nature lovers, traders and businesses in the hunting- and arms trade as well as all interested parties are welcome. For further details and to register contact Lourens Pretorius, Tel 062 5622351, 081 3602990, or Uys Prinsloo, Tel 061 237162, 081 1281240,

Dordabis FA is holding a member meeting on November 22 at 10:00 at Farm Lauwater-Ost of Jimmy and Erika Braun. For further details contact Mrs Christine Romeis, Tel 061 231230,

Dr Lichtenberg again offers a K.I. course at the Sandveld Research Farm on 27, 28 and 29 November. For further information please contact Gobabis Veearts Praktyk, Tel 062 563877, 062 563991,
Steinhausen FA is holding its Annual General Meeting and year end function on December 8 at 16:00 at the FA hall at Farm Steinhausen. Further details from Mayke Rumpf, Tel 062 561422,
Hoërand FA is holding an Old Years dance on December 29 at 19:00 at the FA hall at Farm Stubbenkamer, Maltahöhe district. Registration is N$100 per person for adults, N$50 for children under 12 years and entrance for pre-school children is free of charge. Dinner and dance is included in the registration fee and further details can be obtained from Antoinette Burger, Tel 081 2842744, or MarykaTruter, Tel 081 2624146,
Hochfeld FA is holding its New Year party on December 31 at 19:00 at the Hochfeld Lodge. The costs are N$100 for adults, N$50 for children from 12 – 18 years and free of charge for children under the age of 12 years. Dinner and dance are included in the registration. For further details contact Marina von Dewitz, Tel 062 549026, 081 2304100, or Deoné Schlechter, Tel 062 549108, 081 3084931,

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Exchange Rate NAD (10 - 16 November 2012)