Farm Labor

Community members of one of the Traditional authorities in Okavango  region

At least two traditional authorities in the Okavango have indicated that they are looking for farm work for their community members. Farmers who need labor please let me know in order to connect you with the Headman. 

This is an opportunity to improve household food security and income while at the same time improving community members knowledge of commercial agriculture. Farmers will also be able to discuss issues directly with the traditional authority for transparent labor relations between the community and commercial farmers. It might even work better if Farmers Associations can deal collectively with the Hompa/Fumu and Headman

Farmers in need of trustworthy laborers please email me at:
Cell: 0813033819 or 0811242829

We stay in the Okavango and are constantly in contact with the Fumu's/Hompa's and Headmen

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