Monday, August 28, 2017

Feedmaster Namibia developed a revolutionary farm management mobile application

Did you know Feedmaster Namibia developed a revolutionary mobile application? 

It's a complete farm management system which allows you to calculate profit, grazing, lick intake and drug treatment. You can also register rainfall, herd posts, capture essential data and get instant access to industry experts at the push of a button.

Features include:
• Managing your farm
• Adding multiple farms
• Adding herd posts for each farm
• Herd register
• Lick intake register
• Drug treatment register
• Movement register (mortality, sales, purchase, etc.)
• Cow and Calf register
• Rainfall register
• Profit calculator
• Lick intake calculator
• Grazing calculator
• Reports available on the Feedmaster App and Website
• Direct contact with technical and nutritional advisors

Ddownload it today. Available on both Google Play (Android) and the Apple App Store (iOS).
Oh, and it's free (and always will be) according to Feedmaster.

Great job guys. Keep it up...!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Namibia Agriculture Union News: 23 September 2016


In this newsletter –

·         British parlementarians visit Namibia

·         LPO and NAU Congress and Agri Outlook Conference

·         FA and other news

Weapons can be submitted

We refer to reports in previous newsletters and would like to remind our members that all unlicensed and illegal weapons and ammunition can be submitted to the Police without being prosecuted until November 18, 2016. During a media briefing on September 2, 2016 the head of the Police, Lt Gen Sebastian Ndeitunga again appealed that all unlicensed and illegal weapons and ammunition should be submitted to the Police. He also informed that so far 443 weapons, 1070 ammunition and 118 explosive ordinances were submitted to the Police and they mainly came from the Khomas, Karas and Omusati regions. For any enquiries please contact Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi at Tel 061 2093470.

Meat Board news: Livestock exports to South Africa

Livestock exports to South Africa especially with regard to export of weaner calves, have taken off with the registration of certain feedlots at the Directorate of Animals Health in South Africa. Feedlots registered are Morgan Beef, Maye West, Mushlendow and Braams, however no import permits have yet been issued by South Africa’s Directorate Animal Health for these feedlots. It is important that dates of vaccinations against diseases such as anthrax and dates and results of tests for diseases such as tuberculosis are available to facilitate the export process.

British parlementarians visit Namibia

After the Brexit (UK exit from the EU) a delegation of British parlementarians are visiting Namibia in order to inter alia get information about trade between the two countries.

Currently Namibia can still export agricultural products to the UK under the EPA. According to the British parlementarians negotiations will have to take place about the future of trade between the two countries when the UK break their ties according to Brexit with the European Union.

A meeting under the chairmanship of Mr Jürgen Hoffmann, the trade advisor of the ATF took place this week in Windhoek during which the British parlementarians were informed about various sectors which trade with the UK. Thess include the livestock sector, fish sector, table grapes and mining. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the NCCI and other organisations.

The NAU seriously appealed that the export of bone-in mutton to the UK will be put onto the Agenda of future negotiations.

LPO and NAU Congress and Agri Outlook Conference

The Livestock Producers Organisation (LPO) Congress is held on October 4 and the NAU Congress on October 5 at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre, Windhoek. The theme of both congresses is “Unlock the potential of agriculture”.

The Agri Outlook Conference is held on October 6 under the same theme at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre and will be opened by the Vice President, Honourable Dr Nickey Iyambo. Speakers are Mr Johann Kotze of FNB, Mr Ernst Janovsky, Dr Cornelis van der Waal, Ms Judith Isele, Mr Jurie de Kock, Prof Willem Landman of the University of Pretoria and Dr Gustav Gous. Registration is N$750 per person and further details can be obtained from and to register contact Rina Hough, Tel 061 237838,

Anti-poaching course

An anti-poaching course is offered and persons are trained how to suspect and deal with danger and most important how to protect game. Participants will receive certificates after the course. Persons who are interested to take part have to be older than 18 years, must be reasonable fit and have a driver’s license. For further details contact Pieter Genis, Tel 081 7479186,

FA and other news

Persons who are interested to help with vulture ringing, can take part on September 25 at Farm Smalhoek (from Windhoek on the B6 to the Hosea Kutako airport, turn to Dordabis and then on the C23 up to the farm notice board. The entrance of the farm is on top of a hill/dune and could easily be missed). Persons have to bring their own food and cool drinks/water for the day and they do not have to stay the whole day. Please register with the Stehn family at Tel 062 581854,

An Nguni farmer’s day in cooperation with the Osire-Waterberg FA is held on September 28 at 07:30 at Farm Penwood of Willie Lepen. Guest speakers are Prof Michiel Scholtz, Bertus Kruger, Kiep Lepen and Ingo Jacobi. Registration is N$100 per person which includes coffee, tea and lunch. Please register before September 14 with Janus Lepen, Tel 081 1247942. For a map to the farm click here Map

Blumfelde FA is holding a Women’s Day on September 28 at 09:00 at the FA hall. The theme is “Recycle your waste into Xmas gifts”. Registration is N$30 per person and participants are requested to bring along empty cans, small bottles, old baby shoes, etc. For further details contact Margret Binneman, Tel 062 581099,

Witvlei FA is holding a general meeting on October 12 at 15:00 at the farmer house, Witvlei. For further details contact Johannie Brenkman, Tel 062 561440,

Summerdown FA is holding a farmers’ day under the theme “Bush and rangeland management day” on October 22 at the FA hall. For further details contact Rienie du Plessis, Tel 062 56121,  

Blumfelde FA is hosting farmers day/sports day on October 22 at the FA hall. The activities for the day are bakkie tricks, treasure hunting, jukskei, farmers sport, wine tasting and a potjiekos competition. The day is concluded with a dinner and dance. Registration for the dinner and dance is N$80 for adults and N$40 for children. For further details contact Margret Binneman,

The NAU Agri Braai competition for 2017 will be held on March 24 & 25, 2017 at Farm Bitterwasser at the Bitterwasser Lodge and will be hosted by Uhlenhorst FA. More details will be given in due course and can be obtained from Hoekus van Niekerk, Tel  063-265336, 081 128 3511 or Corrine Tel 081 358 2299.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Namibia Agriculture Union Weekly News: 13 June 2014

Disclaimer: Although everything has been done to ensure the accuracy of information, the NAU takes no responsibility for actions or losses that might occur due to the usage of this information.


In today’s newsletter:
·         Press release by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) of South         Africa
·         Rabies project gets green light
·         AEA Congress
·         FA and other news

Press release by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) of South Africa
Following an internal livestock industry meeting, a Press Release was issued by DAFF on June 10, 2014. Two representatives of the Namibian Directorate of Veterinary Services were also invited to the meeting.
The South African strict new import regulations for livestock from Namibia will be simplified for slaughtering cattle and slaughtering sheep to enable trade again, taking into consideration the protection of South Africa’s animal health status.
Dr Gideon Brückner, independent expert about questions regarding the World Health Organisation and the International Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), was the mediator at the meeting.
According to the statement of the Department there will be one standard operational procedure (SOP) for cattle and sheep which are imported with the aim to be slaughtered in South Africa. The SOP will be applicable on animals which will be slaughtered immediately as well as for those who are sent to feed lots. Certain substantial questions in the proposed SOP still require further inputs.
The livestock industry will submit information about minimum structural and management requirements for feed lots and abattoirs to the Department whilst the Department will determine measures for the non-compliance.
The Department will add all inputs into one SOP and hold a meeting before the end of June during which the SOP will be concluded. The consolidated SOP will then be discussed with all provincial Veterinary Services.
Rabies project gets green light
After the NAU has received promises for more than N$1,2 million of the envisaged N$2 million which is needed for the research project to develop an antidote for the rabies epidemic in Namibia, the management of the Livestock Producers Organisation (LPO) decided to proceed with the project.
Promises were already received from international donours, NAPHA (Namibia Professional Hunter Association), CANAM (Conservancy Association of Namibia) and Farmers Associations for the funding of the project.
The project will be done at the Waterberg where it will be attempted to develop an oral antidote which is taken by Kudu’s to limit rabies. The aim of the project is –
·         To get more information about the epidemiology of rabies in Kudu’s
·         To get possible proof of the existence of natural immunity
·         To proof that horizontal transfer through direct contact with the virus is  possible
·         The development of a method or oral vaccination of Kudu’s

Activities which will be done -
(i)           The development of a suitable oral vaccine-containing bait
(ii)         The administration of an oral vaccine and the comparison of the development of anti-rabies antibodies with intra-muscle injection of the same vaccine on groups of Kudu’s
(iii)       Conducting clinical trials of the vaccine through a complete post mortem on all vaccinated Kudu’s

Dr Libertina Amathila, former Deputy Prime Minister, is the patron of the project.   

SAADPP:  Regional Policy and Agribusiness Conference
SAADPP held a Regional Policy and Agribusiness Conference in Johannesburg on 05 and 06 June 2014.  Wallie Roux from the NAU attended the Conference.
SAADPP is a private sector-led partnership platform aimed at identifying and removing barriers to agricultural development, investment and trade in Southern Africa.  As such SAADPP was launched under the NBF’s Removing the Barriers in Agricultural trade programme during 2012.  The mission of the NBF is to promote sustainable economic and social development in Africa through the private sector as its strategic emphasis.
SAADPP is working towards mobilising and institutionalising regional private sector voice through three stakeholder identified thematic working areas, namely Regional Market Integration, Alternative Funding Streams and Capacity Building.  As a private sector-led platform it facilitates direct dialogue between governments, the private sector, donors and other development partners to achieve the CAADP goals.   The NBF already launched the SAADPP initiative in three Southern African countries, namely Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.  The NBF plans to launch this initiative in other countries in the region.
SAADPP:  Southern African Agricultural Development Partnership Platform
NBF:  NEPAD Business Foundation
NEPAD:  New Partnership for African Development
CAADP:  Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Plan

AEA Congress
The 27th annual congress of the Agricultural Employers Association (AEA) will be held on June 17, 2014 at 07:30 at the Arebbusch Travel Lodge, Windhoek. For more information and to register, please contact the Principle Officer of the AEA, Mr Danie van Vuuren at Tel 061 237838,
FA and other news
Nauchas FA is holding a meeting on June 14 at 15:00 at Farm Charé. Speakers are Mr Derek Wright, the president of the NAU and Mr Len de Jager. For further details contact Lizelle Knipe, Tel 081 2688912,
Hoërand FA is holding a member meeting on June 17 at 14:00. Guest speaker is Mr Jaco van Zyl of Agrimed. For further details contact Mr Bartie Burger, Tel 063 293330, 081 3792626.
Osire-Waterberg FA is holding a meeting on June 18 at 14:00 at the Osire FA hall. Guest speakers from AgriBank and the Roads Authority will address the meeting. For further details contact Anka Visher, Tel 067 306208,
Witvlei FA is holding a general meeting on June 18 at 14:00 at the farmer house at Witvlei. Guest speaker is Mr Maans Dreyer of Aqua Real Estates. Further details from Monica Bouwer, Tel 062 570317,
Helmeringhausen FA is holding a member meeting on June 18 at 10:00 at the FA hall. Further details from Timm Miller, Tel 081 2079974,
A cattle information day will be held on June 19 at 09:00 at Farm Neu Otjisauona of Katja, Diethelm, Nikolai and Nicola Metzger. Guest speakers are inter alia Fred Dell, Derek Wright, the president of the NAU, Adv Rukoro of Meatco, Llewelyn Angus and Thys Meyer. For further details contact Diethelm and Katja Metzger, Tel 062 503732, or Hennie Kruger, Tel 081 2964280.
The Namibian Afrikanerbees Breeders Association is hosting an information day at the Neudamm farm on June 19 at 09:00. In the afternoon a sightseeing of the animals will be done and the registration fee is N$150 per person. A deposit of N$80 must be paid before June 11 and please register on or before June 11 with Florence Hamman, Tel 0608 00 4708,
The Extension Office of the Ministry of Agriculture is holding a lecture about the marketing of animals. This lecture will be held on June 19 from 17:45 – 20:00 at the Extension office, c/o Luderitz/Fidel Castro Str, Windhoek. The lecture will be held by Norbert Neumann and interested parties can contact the Extension Office,  Tel 061 2044112 or Norbert Neumann, Tel 081 2327027,
Maltahöhe FA is holding a member meeting on June 25 at 09:00 at Farm Kachauchab of Mr Christian Otto. Speakers are Dr Diana van Schalkwyk who will talk about profitability of venison production and Mrs Letitia du Plessis who will take about estate planning. For further details contact Christian Otto, Tel 063 293512, 081 2269518,
Epukiro FA is holding a meeting on June 25 at 14:00 at Farm Hippo of Mr and Mrs Faan Beukes. Guest speaker is Chief Inspector Johan Vermeulen who will talk about theft. For further details contact Cora Jacobs, Tel 081 3010286,
Steinhausen FA is holding a member meeting on June 25 at 09:00 at the FA hall at Farm Steinhausen. For further details contact Mayke Rumpf, Tel 062 561422,
The Extension Office of the Ministry of Agriculture is holding a lecture about rangeland on June 26 from 18:00 – 20:00 at the Extension office, c/o Luderitz/Fidel Castro Str, Windhoek. The lecture will be done by Leon Lubbe and to register, please contact the Extension office at Tel 061 2044112.
Meatco is holding its Annual General Meeting on June 27 at 09:00 at the Wanderers Sports Club, Windhoek. For further details contact Nico Weck or Cloretha Garises, Tel 061 3216400.
The Grootfontein kuierfees is held on June 27 & 28. Well known artists such as Kurt Darren, Pieter Koen, Ricus Nel and the group Adam will perform. N$300 000 can be won with the lottery. Further details will be available on the website or from Yvonne de Jager, Tel 081 1270830,
Agra ProVision is hosting a breakfast meeting on June 27 from 07:30 – 09:30 at the Agra/Bank Windhoek Ring, Windhoek Showgrounds. The theme is “Winter Supplementation” and is officiated by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry, Mr Joseph Iita. Please register before June 24 with Twaku Kayofa, Tel 061 2909364,
Ariamsvlei FA is hosting its winter festival on June 28. The day starts with a braai competition for adults, a sausage braai for pre-school children and a patty braai for primary school children. There will be chicken catching, kettieskiet, bokdrolspoeg, etc. During the day music will be supplied by Landi Blaauw of Keetmanshoop and in the evening she will perform with Die Broers. For further enquiries contact Tel 081 1474373 of  081 6242619.
The Koës Pan Rally will be held on July 4 & 5 at Koës. On July 4 a 150km off road race is held and on July 5 a mini rally, 1, 4 mile jump, dune climbing, etc. The prize giving will be held each evening at the Koës Hotel. For further details contact Rickus,  Tel 081 1280126, or Hester, Tel 063 252642,
Steinhausen FA is hosting a Meatco farmer’s day on July 12 at 08:00 at Farm Steinhausen. For further details contact Mayke Rumpf, Tel 062 561422, or Morné du Plessis, Tel 081 2854065,
Karibib FA is holding a meeting on July 26 at 16:00 at Farm Abbabis of Mr H Gladis. For further details contact Mrs Gladis, Tel 061 248480,
Karasberge FA is hosting its annual Winter School on August 6 at 07:00 at the FA hall. Guest speakers are inter alia Pieter Hugo, Dawie Roodt,  Gerrit van Zyl, Piet du Toit and Susan Coetzer. A Women’s program is also offered. For further details contact Amelia van Rooyen, Tel 063 280677, javan or Retief von Wielligh, Tel 063 280801,
The slaughtering oxen competition is again held at the 2014 Windhoek Show and halter domesticated oxen can be entered at Any commercial farmer can enter and the prize money is sponsored by Feedmaster. For further information contact Hennie Kruger, Tel 061 224748,
Leonardville FA is hosting a farmers day on August 23. André Havenga will make the music during the day and evening. Target shooting, various demonstrations, etc will be offered during the day. For any further enquiries contact 063 273336 / 062 581010 /0813132305.
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