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June 2018 edition of Agri Kultuur/ Culture

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Livestock Management activities for July

1. Weaning of calves

2. Vaccination; Broad spectrum Internal External parasites

3. Continue with Mineral-Protein-(Energy) supplementation with commercial licks like Econo Grass veld lick, Cow/calf lick or Dryveld Concentrate with salt 50:50 mix available at AGRA

Self Mixing of Winter Supplementation (Winter Lick). Mix as follow:

Raw Materials
Urea 10%
Molatek or Enerfeed 35%
Salt 49,9%
Futterfos (DCP 18) 5%
Sulphur 0,1%
Total Mix 100%

Protein 292 g/kg with Molatek and 320 g/kg with Enerfeed
Phosphate 9.7 g/kg minimum
Calsuim 12 g/kg minimum
Energy 3.8 MJME/kg minimum
Sulphur 1g/kg minimum

Mixing instructions for 1 Ton (20 bags of 50kg) of Winter lick

Urea 100kg (2x50kg bags)
Molatek 350kg (8.75x40kg bags or Enerfeed 350kg (7x50kg bags)
salt 499kg (10x50kg bags)
Futterfos 50kg (1x50kg bag)
Sulpur 1kg (1kg Swavet container)
Total Mix: 1000kg

Feed adlib. Cattle will consume from 150-500 g/day depending on the size of animals

Please be aware that the lick contains urea (NPN) and must be fed strictly according to specifications

For any further enquiries please contact me (Renier Burger) directly at namibiasaf@gmail.com

Monday, March 5, 2018

Namibia Agriculture Union News: 2 March 2018

Disclaimer: Although everything has been done to ensure the accuracy of information, the NAU takes no responsibility for actions or losses that might occur due to the usage of this information.

In today’s newsletter –
·         Dairy in deep water
·         Small stock producers brain storm
·         NAU Open Day at Gobabis
·         FA and other days

Dairy in deep water
The situation of dairy producers in Namibia and the dairy industry in total is worsening.  On 23 February 2018 a special meeting was held between the Management of the Dairy Producers Association and representatives of the processor regarding a raw milk price reduction for Namibian producers of 10 cents per litre and a further possible 10 cents reduction by the end of April 2018.  This will be the second price reduction in the last 7 months for producers. These price reductions could potentially mean the end of business for some of the dairy producers.  In addition to a price reduction, payments of producers are being deferred on a monthly basis.  Producers are also warned not increase any milk production, as excess milk will most probably not be taken up in the market. 
This critical situation in the dairy industry can be ascribed to mostly the influx of cheap UHT milk and closely related other dairy products into Namibia. The past two weeks, imported UHT milk, mostly from RSA, was selling on shelves of Namibian retailers as low as N$10.99 per litre. In reality this milk is cheaper than 1liter of water bottled in Namibia selling in the same shop!  In addition, the low imported UHT milk found on Namibian shelves is lower than the same packs selling on the same day in RSA.  That leaves a serious question mark. 
The situation in the Namibian dairy industry needs immediate and serious attention. The long awaited Bill (to control import and export of dairy and dairy products) is essential and it is due to be tabled in Parliament this year.
Small stock producers brain storm
The Livestock Producers Association (LPO) in Namibia rallied small stock producers this week in Keetmanshoop for a brain storming session to formulate a vision for the small stock industry.  
As starting point, representatives agreed that there is a lack of correct and reliable marketing figures for small stock.  Various actions were identified to address this issue.   
The concern regarding a reduction in small stock production was high on the agenda.  Although it seems that the small stock industry has been in a more favourable position than the beef industry in terms of profitability the past five years, small stock production has decreased drastically.  Reasons that were speculated on varied from an increase in venereal diseases of the rams, an increase in predator numbers, an increase in theft, and the long term drought situation.  There is also a tendency to change from small stock production to cattle and game production.    Producers in general have lost their trust in the industry and this negatively impacts on investments.  Management practises were also looked at as well as the age group of the majority producers which results in less further investments, especially in infrastructure
The marketing environment has an impact on the production environment and interference in this sector together with issues such as land reform creates frustration and uncertainty.  Small stock representatives at the meeting was however of the opinion that production could pick up again and there must be an investigation how to change the methods in order to realise an open border, whilst still operating within government policies.
The day resulted in positive suggestions that will receive serious attention in the following weeks. 
NAU Open Day at Gobabis
The president of the NAU, Mr Ryno van der Merwe, the chairman of the LPO, Mr Piet Gouws together with the Executive Manager, Mr Roelie Venter attended an open day which was hosted by the Gobabis Regional Agricultural Union. The president gave feedback about the current progress with the drafting of a rural safety strategy, land tax,  the financing of the NAU as well as the quantification of the NAU advantages. Mr Piet Gouws gave a presentation about the future of the meat industry and emphasized that the viewpoint of the NAU is that all three markets of producers (export of weaners to the RSA, slaughtering of cattle for the Namibian consumers as well as export of beef to the EU and Norway) are of great importance for a sustainable meat industry. The EM gave feedback about the strategic priorities of the NAU for 2018. In spite of the drought conditions the meeting took place in a positive spirit and open talk. The Meat Board also attended the meeting and gave information and answered questions.
Agronomy day Grootfontein
Die Grootfontein Farmers’ Association will host an agronomy day on 10 March 2018 at 08:30 at farm Venus of Mr Klaas Malan.  The day is dedicated to mechanisation and technology and is loaded with practical demonstrations.  RSV to Mr Klaas Malan 067-242094/ 081 124 0463 or malanjn@iway.na
NAU AgriBraai
The NAU AgriBraai is hosted by the Kalahari Oos FA on May 25 & 26, 2018 at the Gobabis Show grounds. The theme is “Cattle Country Cowboy” and on Saturday night the Campbells will perform. FA’s are now already encouraged to participate this year and the entries close on April 30. More details will be given in due course and can be obtained from Kalahari Oos FA, Tel 081 2612838, kario@iway.na. For more details click here Information and to enter click here Entry form.
Poultry/Eggs – Member meeting and Information day
The Poultry Producers Association (PPA) hosts its annual member meeting as well as an information session for current and upcoming poultry/egg producers on 15 March 2018 at the Boardroom of the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) in Windhoek.   The information session will, among others, look at the steps taken by the industry to become independent.  Speakers include Dr Sean Wisdom from C4 Africa on Avian Influenza, Mr Hannes Koekemoer from Feedmaster on SME Development and Mr James Roux, a local egg producer on reaching independency. This day would not be possible without our partner Feedmaster.
RSVP for this event is compulsory.  There are limited seats and a strict NO BOOKING - NO SEAT policy will be applicable.  RSVP at rina@agrinamibia.com.na before 13 March 2018
FA and other days
The Namibia Stud Breeders Association hosts a livestock producers symposium op 5 March at 08:00 at the Agra/Bank Windhoek Rind, Windhoek show grounds. Speakers are Mr Graham Truscott, Dr Alfredo Lepori, Dr Michael Bradfield and Ms Jeanine Labuschagne and the costs are N$250 per person. For further information and to register contact Larrochelle Bryden, Tel 0027 12 6675258, admin@agribsa.co.za or Jeanine Labuschagne, Tel 0027 12 6675258, herdmaster@agribsa.co.za.
The Wagyu Association of South Africa is introducing the Wagyu to Namibia and is offering a livestock producers symposium on March 6. This symposium will be held at the Agra/Bank Windhoek Ring, Windhoek show grounds from 09:00 – 13:30 and entrance is free. Speakers are Dr Fanie Steyn, Mr Brian Angus, Dr Michael Bradfield and Mr Graham Truscott. Questions can be asked and lunch is from 12:30 – 13:30. Please register with Ivonne van Tonder, Tel 00 27 61 4084123, office@wagyu.org.za.
Summerdown FA is holding a member meeting on March 6 at 15:00 at the FA hall. Speakers are a person from Tandelta, Mr Corne Mostert of Virbac and Louisa Richmond-Coggan who will talk about leopards on farms. For further details contact Rienie du Plessis, Tel 081 2852169, summerdownbv@gmail.com.
Karibib FA is holding a meeting on March 10 at 17:00 at Farm Ukuib. Guest speaker is Dr Louisa Richmond-Coggan who will talk about NAPHA’s national leopard census. For further details contact Doris Gladis, Tel 061 237400, doris@hemconamibia.com.
Windhoek RAU is holding a meeting on March 12 at 08:30 at the NAU Board room, Windhoek. For further details contact Marianne Seifert, Tel 062 581650, info@farm-heimat.com.
Otjiwarongo FA is holding its annual general meeting on March 13 at 09:00 at the NG Church hall. For further details contact Maureen Laubscher, Tel 067 306250, management@otjiwa.com.na.
Kalkfeld FA is holding a member meeting on March 13 at 08:00 for 08:30 at Farm Eremutua of Ortwin and Silke von Gossler. For further details contact Silke von Gossler, Tel 067 290119, orua@iway.na.
Maltahöhe FA is holding a member meeting on March 14 at 10:00 at Farm Hoogtevrede of Mr & Mrs Oubaas Klein. Speakers are the Executive Manager of the NAU, Mr Roelie Venter and Suncycles Namibia will talk about e-mobility. Further details from Mr Ernst Sauber, Tel 081 1494963, ernst@buellsport.com.
Keetmanshoop RAU is holding a meeting on Thursday, March 15 at 08:00 at the Central Lodge Keetmansoop. Dr Louisa Richmond-Coggan will be guest speaker. For further details contact Ernst Blaauw, menasse413@gmail.com or Amelia van Rooyen, jomarbon100@gmail.com.
Hochfeld FA is holding a member meeting on March 20 at 15:00 at the FA hall. The theme is “Security” and guest speakers are Mr Steven Lochner of TSU Africa and Mr Bernhard Ackermann of Ondjou Fencing. Further details from Bianca Marggraff, Tel 081 3007584, hochfeldbv@gmail.com.
Epukiro FA is holding a general meeting on March 20 at 15:00 at Farm Strumfeld of Mr & Mrs Jurie and Monika Wiesner. Speakers are Mr Delport from Feedmaster, Mr Swart of Nampower and a person from Bank Windhoek. For further details contact Mr Jacobs, Tel 062 567471, cj.jacobs@live.com or Mr Beukes, Tel 062 568054, faan@iway.na
Mariental RAU is hosting a motivation day under the theme “Future of Meat Production” on March 28 at 07:30. Further details will be given in due course and can be obtained from Antoinette Burger, Tel 063 293330, antoiburger@gmail.com.
The Namibian Stud Breeders Association are hosting the Meat Production School on April 10 at 08:30 at the Otjiwa Game Lodge. The theme is “Paradigm shift needed in the farming sector” and speakers are inter alia Emile Jung, Dr Rudy Koekemoer, Christo Viljoen, Gernot Eggert, Dawie Kok, Japie Engelbrecht, Johannes Dausab and others. Registration is N$150 per person and further details can be obtained from Jacque Els, Tel 081 1281032, jacque@iway.na.
Kalkfeld FA is hosting its Agri Mega Day on June 21 at Farm Klein Otjikango-Ost of Ekundi Farming. This year they will add another category, namely “Farmers Patents” of any sort. They invite farmers and other persons to exhibit their farmers patents at the Agri Mega Day. For further information phone Tel 081 3288235, kalkfeld@hotmail.com. 
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Friday: 08:38 UTC

Monday, August 28, 2017

Feedmaster Namibia developed a revolutionary farm management mobile application

Did you know Feedmaster Namibia developed a revolutionary mobile application? 

It's a complete farm management system which allows you to calculate profit, grazing, lick intake and drug treatment. You can also register rainfall, herd posts, capture essential data and get instant access to industry experts at the push of a button.

Features include:
• Managing your farm
• Adding multiple farms
• Adding herd posts for each farm
• Herd register
• Lick intake register
• Drug treatment register
• Movement register (mortality, sales, purchase, etc.)
• Cow and Calf register
• Rainfall register
• Profit calculator
• Lick intake calculator
• Grazing calculator
• Reports available on the Feedmaster App and Website
• Direct contact with technical and nutritional advisors

Ddownload it today. Available on both Google Play (Android) and the Apple App Store (iOS).
Oh, and it's free (and always will be) according to Feedmaster.

Great job guys. Keep it up...!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Namibia Agriculture Union News: 23 September 2016


In this newsletter –

·         British parlementarians visit Namibia

·         LPO and NAU Congress and Agri Outlook Conference

·         FA and other news

Weapons can be submitted

We refer to reports in previous newsletters and would like to remind our members that all unlicensed and illegal weapons and ammunition can be submitted to the Police without being prosecuted until November 18, 2016. During a media briefing on September 2, 2016 the head of the Police, Lt Gen Sebastian Ndeitunga again appealed that all unlicensed and illegal weapons and ammunition should be submitted to the Police. He also informed that so far 443 weapons, 1070 ammunition and 118 explosive ordinances were submitted to the Police and they mainly came from the Khomas, Karas and Omusati regions. For any enquiries please contact Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi at Tel 061 2093470.

Meat Board news: Livestock exports to South Africa

Livestock exports to South Africa especially with regard to export of weaner calves, have taken off with the registration of certain feedlots at the Directorate of Animals Health in South Africa. Feedlots registered are Morgan Beef, Maye West, Mushlendow and Braams, however no import permits have yet been issued by South Africa’s Directorate Animal Health for these feedlots. It is important that dates of vaccinations against diseases such as anthrax and dates and results of tests for diseases such as tuberculosis are available to facilitate the export process.

British parlementarians visit Namibia

After the Brexit (UK exit from the EU) a delegation of British parlementarians are visiting Namibia in order to inter alia get information about trade between the two countries.

Currently Namibia can still export agricultural products to the UK under the EPA. According to the British parlementarians negotiations will have to take place about the future of trade between the two countries when the UK break their ties according to Brexit with the European Union.

A meeting under the chairmanship of Mr Jürgen Hoffmann, the trade advisor of the ATF took place this week in Windhoek during which the British parlementarians were informed about various sectors which trade with the UK. Thess include the livestock sector, fish sector, table grapes and mining. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the NCCI and other organisations.

The NAU seriously appealed that the export of bone-in mutton to the UK will be put onto the Agenda of future negotiations.

LPO and NAU Congress and Agri Outlook Conference

The Livestock Producers Organisation (LPO) Congress is held on October 4 and the NAU Congress on October 5 at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre, Windhoek. The theme of both congresses is “Unlock the potential of agriculture”.

The Agri Outlook Conference is held on October 6 under the same theme at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre and will be opened by the Vice President, Honourable Dr Nickey Iyambo. Speakers are Mr Johann Kotze of FNB, Mr Ernst Janovsky, Dr Cornelis van der Waal, Ms Judith Isele, Mr Jurie de Kock, Prof Willem Landman of the University of Pretoria and Dr Gustav Gous. Registration is N$750 per person and further details can be obtained from and to register contact Rina Hough, Tel 061 237838, rina@agrinamibia.com.na.

Anti-poaching course

An anti-poaching course is offered and persons are trained how to suspect and deal with danger and most important how to protect game. Participants will receive certificates after the course. Persons who are interested to take part have to be older than 18 years, must be reasonable fit and have a driver’s license. For further details contact Pieter Genis, Tel 081 7479186, genispieter@hotmail.com.

FA and other news

Persons who are interested to help with vulture ringing, can take part on September 25 at Farm Smalhoek (from Windhoek on the B6 to the Hosea Kutako airport, turn to Dordabis and then on the C23 up to the farm notice board. The entrance of the farm is on top of a hill/dune and could easily be missed). Persons have to bring their own food and cool drinks/water for the day and they do not have to stay the whole day. Please register with the Stehn family at Tel 062 581854, smalhoek@iway.na.

An Nguni farmer’s day in cooperation with the Osire-Waterberg FA is held on September 28 at 07:30 at Farm Penwood of Willie Lepen. Guest speakers are Prof Michiel Scholtz, Bertus Kruger, Kiep Lepen and Ingo Jacobi. Registration is N$100 per person which includes coffee, tea and lunch. Please register before September 14 with Janus Lepen, Tel 081 1247942. For a map to the farm click here Map

Blumfelde FA is holding a Women’s Day on September 28 at 09:00 at the FA hall. The theme is “Recycle your waste into Xmas gifts”. Registration is N$30 per person and participants are requested to bring along empty cans, small bottles, old baby shoes, etc. For further details contact Margret Binneman, Tel 062 581099, binneman@iway.na.

Witvlei FA is holding a general meeting on October 12 at 15:00 at the farmer house, Witvlei. For further details contact Johannie Brenkman, Tel 062 561440, brenkmanjohannie@gmail.com.

Summerdown FA is holding a farmers’ day under the theme “Bush and rangeland management day” on October 22 at the FA hall. For further details contact Rienie du Plessis, Tel 062 56121, rente@iway.na.  

Blumfelde FA is hosting farmers day/sports day on October 22 at the FA hall. The activities for the day are bakkie tricks, treasure hunting, jukskei, farmers sport, wine tasting and a potjiekos competition. The day is concluded with a dinner and dance. Registration for the dinner and dance is N$80 for adults and N$40 for children. For further details contact Margret Binneman, binneman@iway.na.

The NAU Agri Braai competition for 2017 will be held on March 24 & 25, 2017 at Farm Bitterwasser at the Bitterwasser Lodge and will be hosted by Uhlenhorst FA. More details will be given in due course and can be obtained from Hoekus van Niekerk, Tel  063-265336, 081 128 3511 or Corrine Tel 081 358 2299.

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