Thursday, July 26, 2012

Traceability: Important FANMEAT Farm Records

FANMEAT Standards: 
In order to comply with international "farm to fork" traceability requirements for the export of red meat (livestock) the following farm records must be updated and available in the farm file for inspection.  These records are part of the Farm Assured Namibian Meat Scheme (FANMEAT) and can be obtained at all Agriculture Development Center's (Omaruru, Omatjette, Okombahe, Uis, Spitzkoppe, Otjimbingwe and Utuseb) in Erongo region. Extension staff will assist farmers with the interpretation  of the different records/forms.
1. FANMEAT Form A: Stock Card for Cattle

2. FANMEAT Form A: Stock Card for Sheep
3. FANMEAT Form B: Lick/Supplementation Register
 4. FANMEAT Form C: On-Farm Drug/Treatment Register

5. The Employee Training Form C can be downloaded at:

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