Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Erongo Region Rural Electrification Budget Discussion 7 July 2011

The Governor for Erongo Region,Honorable Cloephas Mutjuvikua,chaired the meeting addressed by the Minister of Mines and Energy, Honorable Isak Katali in Swakopmund on the 7th of July 2011.

The budget amounting to N$2 million for Rural Electrification in Erongo Region was discussed.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

URGENT REMINDER: Due date Double Ear tags, 2 Aug 2011

All cattle from 6 months and older must be registered and fitted with double ear tags by 2 August 2011 as required by law.

No movement permits will be issued for more animals as the amount of registered animals captured on the NamLITS database for a specific farm.

Livestock owners and farmers who do not comply by 2 August 2011 will not qualify for a subsidy for both new ear tags or compensation for replaced ear tags. For any inquiries, please contact your nearest State Veterinarian office or Agriculture Extension Office

EXPORT COMPLIANCE = TRACEABILITY = Eartags + Livestock Registration

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Small Stock Auction Omaruru, 12 July 2011: Blaauberg Auctioneers

The auction was a very big success and record prices were paid. The goats did very well. Statistics for the auction are as follow:

Goats sold: 1702 at N$995/goat (N$25.78/kg)
Sheep sold: 205 at N$696/sheep

Mr. Ludwig Auchamub pointing to one of the Boergoat rams that was sold for N$7000

Friday, July 8, 2011

Livestock Management activities for July

1. Weaning of calves

2. Vaccination; Broad spectrum Internal External parasites

3. Continue with Mineral-Protein-(Energy) supplementation with commercial licks like Econo Grass veld lick, Cow/calf lick or Dryveld Concentrate with salt 50:50 mix available at AGRA

Self Mixing of Winter Supplementation (Winter Lick). Mix as follow:

Raw Materials
Urea 10%
Molatek or Enerfeed 35%
Salt 49,9%
Futterfos (DCP 18) 5%
Sulphur 0,1%
Total Mix 100%

Protein 292 g/kg with Molatek and 320 g/kg with Enerfeed
Phosphate 9.7 g/kg minimum
Calsuim 12 g/kg minimum
Energy 3.8 MJME/kg minimum
Sulphur 1g/kg minimum

Cost of the lick:

N$ 2327.96/ton or N$116.40/50kg bag with Molatek
N$2216.15/ton or N$110.81/50kg bag with Enerfeed

Mixing instructions for 1 Ton (20 bags of 50kg) of Winter lick

Urea 100kg (2x50kg bags)
Molatek 350kg (8.75x40kg bags or Enerfeed 350kg (7x50kg bags)
salt 499kg (10x50kg bags)
Futterfos 50kg (1x50kg bag)
Sulpur 1kg (1kg Swavet container)
Total Mix: 1000kg

Feed adlib. Cattle will consume from 150-500 g/day depending on the size of animals

Please be aware that the lick contains urea (NPN) and must be fed strictly according to specifications

For any further enquiries please contact me (Renier Burger) directly at

September Management Activities:

October Management Activities: