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Namibia Agriculture Union News: 20 July 2012

WEEKLY NEWS – 20 July 2012
In today’s newsletter –
·         NDP IV officially launched
·         NAU and Statistics Agency take hands
·         Agricultural Unions pay a courtesy call to the new PS of Agriculture
·         FA and other news

NDP IV officially launched
President Pohamba officially launched the fourth National Development Plan for Namibia for the period 2012 – 2013 until 2016 – 2017 in Windhoek on Thursday, July 19, 2012. The president of the NAU, Mr Ryno van der Merwe attended this launch on behalf of the NAU.
In his speech President Pohamba emphasized the potential of the economy and to develop the Namibian economy further into an export economy. For this aim it will be focused on the development of skills during the implementing period of NDP IV. In this regard he specifically emphasized the improvement of the education system and the role of the private sector in the development of necessary skills in order to let the economy grow.
According to President Pohamba the biggest challenges include inter alia the improvement of Namibia’s effectiveness in all areas, increased labour ethics of the national work force and the development of the Namibian economic potential. In order to counter these challenges all role players have to cooperate.
According to the Prime Minister, Mr Nahas Angula, it is envisagd that the manufacturing sector will have to contribute 50% towards the GDP by 2016. He also addressed the subject of improved labour relationships in order to reach the aims of NDP IV.
NAU and Statistics Agency take hands
The Executive Manager of the NAU, Mr Sakkie Coetzee together with Mrs Rina Hough from the department Research and Development this week visited Dr John Steytler, the Statistician General of the Statistics Agency in order to discuss cooperation between these two organisations. The NAU has inter alia statistics about the number of agricultural land which has been transferred in the commercial area under the various land reform programs.  
The recently promulgated Statistics Act makes provision that the agency can enter into agreements with private organisations such as the NAU with regard to collecting and verifying of statistics. If these statistics however are used for national purposes, it is advisable that they are offered through the agency as official statistics.
Dr Steytler expressed his concern about the lack of reliable statistics in the agricultural sector to be used for planning purposes. To address this, he suggested that the agency and the whole agricultural sector meet to determine the needs with regard to agricultural statistics, to coordinate the collection thereof and to accredit the organisation which does the collection so that the information can be made available as reliable and according to the criteria of the Statistics Act. Such meeting is planned in the near future.
Agricultural Unions pay a courtesy call to the new PS of Agriculture
The managements of the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) and Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU) paid a courtesy call to the new Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Mr Joseph Iita, last Friday. The president of the NAU, Mr Ryno van der Merwe offered on behalf of the NAU his full cooperation, especially with regard to the identification and addressing of bottle-necks in the commercial agricultural sector. These bottle-necks inter alia include the maintenance of the animal health status of Namibia which is necessary for the export status of the country, the problems which are experienced with the marketing of sheep which led to more and more producers leaving this sector as well as the challenges to increase production. 
Mr Pinthile Davids, the president of the NNFU, informed the PS about general circumstances of all the branches in agriculture in Namibia. He also offered the NNFU’s cooperation in support and execution of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry’s aims.
Small stock course
The following small stock course is offered:
Boer goats: 30 July – information day at NLA, Mariental. 31 July – 1 August – Jnr and Snr course at Mariental.
For further information and registration contact Carina Vermeulen at Tel 061 252994 (only mornings) or send a mail to

FA and other news
The Dairy Producers Association will hold their member meeting on July 23 at 11:00 at the Africa Safari Lodge, Mariental. Guest speaker is Dr Hinner Köster who will talk about feeding methods for the extensive and intensive milk producers. At 18:00 the Dairy Provider of the Year will be awarded at the Africa Safari Lodge, Mariental during a dinner. For further details and to register, contact Mrs Annatjie du Preez, Tel 061 237838,

Kalkfeld FA is holding its Annual General Meeting on July 24 at 08:00 at Farm Hamburg of Fam P Beckers. Guest speaker is Mr Derek Wright who will talk about the pension fund. In the afternoon a farm sightseeing will be held. Please register before July 17 with Fam Beckers, Tel 067 290144.
A Simbra farmers day will be held on July 24 at 07:30 at Farm Geluksput of Dr Arthur Bagot-Smith. Speakers are Dr Arnold Olivier, Willie Grobler, Christo du Plessis, Dawid Botha, Ian Galloway, Hannes Kellerman, Dr Erica de Jager and Diethelm Metzger. From 14:00 – 16:00 a sightseeing of the cattle and practical demonstration will be held. From 14:00 there will also be a program for the women with Mr Riaan Momberg of Efekto who will talk about gardens and a professional person will talk about Botox and Dermafiller. Registration is N$20 per person which will be for the benefit of Otjiwarongo FA. For further details contact Mr Willie Grobler, Tel 081 1221227,

HOGRAN (Hoodia Growers Assocation of Namibia) is holding its Annual General Meeting on July 26 at 10:00 at the hall of the Danie Joubert School, Mariental. Further details from Dr Joern Miller, Tel 063 683314.

The Namibia Scientific Society is hosting a lecture by Mr Henry Mukendwa under the theme „The Conceptual Hydrogeology of the Kombat Area“. This lecture will be held on July 26 at 17:30 at the Namibia Scientific Society, 110 Robert Mugabe Ave, Windhoek. For further details contact Waltraut Fritzsche, Tel 061 225372,

Otjiwarongo FA is holding a meeting on July 31 at 09:00 at the conference hall of the NG Church, Otjiwarongo. For further details contact Callie Steenkamp, Tel 081 3326292,

An agronomic information day will be hosted by Cedar Marketing on August 2 at 14:00 at the Grootfontein Show hall. Speakers are Mr Willem Eigenhuis, regional agricultural expert of Farmsecure Agriscience SA who will talk about new perspectives over the management of data and soil chemistry for increased efficiency in agronomy in the Namibian context. Mr Piet Brink, regional agricultural expert of Kynoch will talk about the importance of the use of proper formulated products in a market environment which is threatened by products of suspicious origin en also give information about the latest development of micro minerals and leaf nutrition. More information can be obtained from Mr Johan Louw, Tel 081 1248665. The information day will end at 17:00 and thereafter at 19:00 the Grootfontein Agri College will hold a lecture under the theme „The secrets of a master detective“. This lecture will be held  by former brigadier Piet Byleveld who was a member of the SA Police force for 38 years. Mr Byleveld is seen as one of the best detectives of our time and also got a special reward as one of the world’s three best detectives. The costs for this lecture are N$150 per person which includes the dinner. For enquiries and to register please contact Zea Coetzee, Tel 081 1487720 or Gerhard Engelbrecht, Tel 081 1270025.

Verre Suide FA is hosting its annual winter school on August 2 at Warmbad. All farmers and interested parties are welcome. The theme is „Optimal meat / cattle production in the south of Nambiia“. The talks include sheep, cattle and goats and judging of the different breeds in the vicinity will take place. Costs are N$250 per person which include all meals. The day is concluded with a steak braai and music. Further details and enquiries about stands can be addressed to Gunther von Schauroth, Tel 063 683493,

Osire / Waterberg FA is holding a meeting on August 7 at 08:30 at Farm Ondekaremba Nord 215 of Fam W Wilckens. Guest speakers are Mr Momberg of Efekto who will talk about preparing the garden for the growing season, Mr Meyer who will talk about scanning of cattle for gestation and Mr Fourie who will talk about RFID ear tag scanning. For further details contact Mrs D Wilckens, Tel 067 306201,

Summerdown FA is holding a John Deere day and judging of slaughtering oxen on the hoove on August 8. For further details contact Henriette le Grange, Tel 081 1249670,

Klein Nossob FA is hosting its annual Kalahari Farmers day on August 9 & 10. All farmers in the vicinity and interested parties are invited to this day and farmers can exhibit their animals (large stock, small stock, horses, etc). This is not only for registered breeders but for everyody who has a passion for his/her breed.Speakers are Mr Riaan Mombergof Efekto, Mnr P Hugo and Mr W Visserand the motivational speaker for the women is D Visser. On August 9 there will be a Steak braai and dance with the Aranos Kalahari Orkes. Further details and entry forms are available from Jerrie Kotze, Tel 081 3012215, or Danie Visser, Tel 081 2769152,

The GTO (Grootfontein, Tsumeb, Otavi) RAU is hosting a grazing day on August 14 at 07:30 at the Kalkfontein Lodge. The day will be hosted by Riaan Dames and at 12:40 a farm sightseeing will be held at Farm Gaikos. Costs are N$50 for NAU members and N$100 for non-members. Please register before July 14 with Mr Willem Enslin, Tel 081 2305078.

Helmeringhausen FA is hosting the annual Keetmanshoop RAU winter school on August 15 & 16 at Farm Lovedale. Speakers are Andre du Toit who will talk about trophy monitoring and tending to hunting rifles; Jo Gaugler who will talk about agricultural economy and sustainable production; Old Mutua; Awie Steenkamp who will talk about hoove care of cattle and horses; Tandelta who will talk about alternative telecommunication; Niekie Meyer who will talk about scanning of animals; Dr Hensie Lategan who will talk about small stock diseases; Bernd Rothkegel who will talk about agricultural marketing and Meatco.At the women’s program are the following speakers: Ms Carien Viljoen who will talk about conflict handling; Mrs Inez Miller who will talk about worm farming for compost; Mrs Onell Simon who will talk about mosaic work and Ms Maryke de Vos who will talk about „do it at your own home“. Numerous practical demonstrations will be given during those 2 days. The first day will conclude with a dinner and SWAKARA fashion parade. Costs are N$300 per person for both days and meals are included. NAU members who present their membership card, will get a 20% discount. For further details contact Timm Miller, Tel 081 2079974,, Andre Coetzee, Tel 081 1287101,, Louisa Campbell, Tel 081 2819074,, or Christian Frank-Schultz, Tel 081 3543619, (accommodation).

The Limousin Breeders Association is hosting a judging course on September 6 & 7 at Farm Ombuerendende of Sigi and Heide Baas. The course is offered by Messrs Willie Grobler and Barend Dorfling and costs N$500 per person. Enquiries can be addressed to Ellie Lottering, Tel 081 2924917,

Summerdown FA is hosting a loose goods fund raising auction on September 15. Farmers who would like to enter their goods, must please contact Henriette le Grange at Tel 081 1249670,

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